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We offer specialized appointments for children with special needs. Our goal is to provide these patients with a relaxing and stress-free dental experience, and we comprehensively value each smile.

We have experience with children with ADHD, autism spectrum, Asperger's, Down syndrome, and other special healthcare needs. Our team is committed to ensuring the best oral health for all children.

Children with disabilities are at a higher risk of gum diseases, dental traumas, and cavities. Due to the various health risks, we value and cherish our patients, aiming to ensure that all children receive dental care.

We can provide a beautiful and healthy smile at the end of each visit.


Pediatric dentists have additional training to assist children with special needs. This means that our team has unique awareness and attention to your child's comfort, level of understanding, and other areas of need.

We have the expertise to provide dental care while considering your child's happiness. Many children with special needs often struggle to manage their oral health and may face challenges preventing them from having healthy teeth and gums, including:

  • ORAL SENSITIVITYSome children with special needs often have areas of sensitivity around the oral cavity, meaning routine procedures such as dental cleanings and fluoride treatments can cause them discomfort during visits.


  • POOR JAW DEVELOPMENT: In some cases, certain physical disabilities can lead to improper jaw development, often resulting in malocclusion, mixed dentition, and palatal malposition. These issues can make it challenging to brush teeth and floss, increasing the likelihood of developing cavities and gum diseases.


  • SENSORY ISSUES: Other sensory-related challenges, such as sound or touch sensitivity, can significantly hinder brushing and flossing at home and, therefore, lead to an increase in oral health problems.

These challenges make it essential for parents or caregivers to work with a pediatric dentist specializing in treating children with special needs. In many ways, a pediatric dentist will become your professional partner in caring for the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your child. By working with us, we will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan that helps your child become accustomed to regular check-ups and build trust between your child and us for their oral health.

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