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In dentistry, orthodontics is the specialty that studies, corrects, and prevents various abnormalities in the position of the jaws, the shape of dental arches, and problems with the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

Early monitoring of children's dental problems allows for early intervention if orthodontic assistance is needed to achieve a fully functional set of teeth. Traditional braces are a reliable way to correct bite misalignment and create a beautiful and uniform smile.

Our specialists begin checking for misalignment, crowding, and spacing issues in each cleaning, regardless of age. This doesn't necessarily mean that your child will get braces in the short term; it simply means that notes will be taken to monitor the development of your child's mouth, jaw, and teeth.

If the teeth are mispositioned, have too much or too little space between them, or tilt inward or outward at the wrong angle (causing misaligned bites), when the time is right, our specialists will recommend a personalized orthodontic treatment plan for your child to help align their teeth correctly for a trouble-free bite.

The amount of time needed for braces to do their job will vary from child to child. Traditional braces have come a long way: metal brackets on teeth have become more discreet, and wires less visible.

At CASADENS, we work with Invisible Orthodontics - Invisalign - and different types of techniques and brackets for children, teenagers, and adults.

  • Orthodontics for all ages

  • Metal brackets

  • Ceramic or sapphire brackets

  • Self-ligating

  • Lingual technique

  • Invisible Orthodontics

  • Invisalign First I Teens I Adults

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