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What are All on 4 implants

Technological advances mean new dental techniques and treatments that allow to achieve better results and in a shorter period of time. In the case of Implantology, the latest innovations have made this technique one of the most demanded in recent years. Among its latest innovations, the All on 4 technique stands out, still little known but its demand increases month by month.

What is the All on 4 implant technique?

At CASADENS we do not stop receiving this question from our patients, who have heard how someone they know has improved their lives thanks to this treatment. The All-on-4 treatment using immediately loaded implants uses only 4 to support the full arch prosthesis. In this way, the patient can recover all his teeth with only 4 implants, allowing a significant reduction in treatment time and cost.

Since its objective is the complete replacement of the teeth, the All on 4 technique is applied to those patients who have lost all or almost all of their teeth.

Benefits of All on Four implants

There are many benefits that the All on 4 technique brings to the patient:

• Fast and effective: Thanks to this technique the patient can recover the teeth in a very short time, even in a single day.

• Guaranteed stability and support: The adjustment of the rear implants in the anterior bone provides great stability, guaranteeing perfect support.

• Fixed solution: Unlike removable dental prostheses, this solution is not only fast and aesthetic, it is also fixed. This gives us non-removable teeth

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